How to reach us?

YU is a unique city university located among three main cities around, İstanbul,Bursaand Kocaeli. There have been easy and fast mutual transportation with these cities. The university has two main campuses, one in the centre and one in Safran. There are small buses for transportation in Yalova including through its districts. Fee is between 1-6 TRY. The distance between the dorms and faculties is 2-20 minutes and 25 minutes to the downtown.


There have been scheduled – mutual fast ferry and ferries at 3 different points (Yenikapı – Kartal – Pendik) in İstanbul ( It is possible to reach Yalova University Law Faculty, Foreign Languages Department, YUSEM, the Institutions of Sciences and Social Sciences, on foot. There are buses to the other campuses, central campuses and Rectorate Building.


While coming from Gemlik – Orhangazi to Yalova, one should turn to Termal way at the first traffic lights in the city entrance and thus, after 1.6, kms, can reach the Institutes of Science and social Sciences. If turned to the left, it is possible to reach Yalova Vocational School. After 2.7 kms, on the left, one can reach Engineering Faculty and on the right Rectorate Building and Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.


Following Kandira – Kocaeli exit to Bursa destination on the highway, one can reach Yalova after Gölcük and Karamürsel. At the Yalova ringroad, one can drive to Termal destination on the right side of Bursa destination, and after 1.6 kms, and can reach the Institutions of Science and Social Sciences. If turned to the left, one can reach Yalova Vocational School, and after 2.7 kms, reach the Rectorate Building and Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences on the right side of the road.