Student Reviews

 Orsolyo Kendik  

1. Where do you come from

Hungary, Budapest

2.What do you study at Yalova University?

International Relations

3. Why would you recommend this university to students from abroad?

Firstly, I would like to mention the great location that the Yalova University has. Yalova is a small town located at the seaside and just one hour far by boat from Istanbul. It has everything of the colorful turkish lifestyle including local markets, cafe places and restaurants. At the same time it is a really safe and calm place with full of young students so it is a lot ideal for living the uni lifestyle. Secondly, I would say that most of the lecturers were well prepared, up to dated with a wide range of knowledge and qualified for their mission to transfer the needed material to students. They were always there to help and guide me if I had any questions regarding of the lessons. The class provides a really welcoming environment since the community already contains students from different origin. My classmates were really opened, friendly and helpful toward me. 

4. What do you think is the best thing about Turkey?

I chose Turkey as my destination country because I wanted to experience something that is out of my comfort zone. I wanted to leave behind Europe in order to learn about a different culture. I was eager to spend some months in a new country to be able to see how people live their everyday life. I wanted to see the world from a different perspective and I actually widened my sight a lot through the lessons I participated in. I gained a lot of memories, friends that I will never forget in my life! I also had a chance to learn the language which provided me access to be involved more into the society. In Turkey people are naturally warm and friendly toward foreigners, they are always ready to help you. People are really easy-going, they try to involve you to their community and they never leave you alone. The cultural richness, such as music, turkish cuisine, traditions, that the country has is just the top of everything. 

5. What is your favourite turkish food?

Well, it is not easy to choose from the delicious, wide variety of turkish foods. I personally liked most of them because the turkish cuisine is usually really spicy and tasty. My number one meal was definitely kuru fasulye with pilav, which is a really traditional one. The other thing that I can't forget was baklava, which is a dessert made with a lot of honey that makes it just too sweet but I could still eat it everyday. 



Elnora Ä°rissaliyeva

1.Where do you came from?

Turkistan, Kazakhstan

2.What do you study at the Yalova University?

nternational Relations

3.Why would you recommend this university to students from abroad?

That university is located near to the sea and one of the most amazing cities, Istanbul. To study there means get precious experience and good educational skills. There are a lot of high qualified professors, which lecture by unusual and funny ways. Yalova University provides a welcoming atmosphere to anybody…

4.What do you think is the best thing about Turkey?

First of all, Turkey is the most welcoming country in the world! People there are so friendly and always smiling. The attitude toward foreigners is really polite. The next thought is culture and food, I`ve fallen in love with it. I was astonished that almost every Turk sings and cooks very well. And not the last, but the main thing is the Turkish endless respect and honor for their Motherland…

5.What is your favorite Turkish food?

Baklava! The most delicious dessert ever.